Time to rediscover coffee.

For here and now:
the future of Pour Over.

Our beautiful answer to an ever more rapidly turning world: slow downtime at the press of a button. Melitta® EPOS® grinds and brews your coffee with the same calmness and care you know from brewing by hand. That's because we have taught Melitta® EPOS® to take its time. To be exact: Pour Over has always been a question of precision.

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The magic of details:
For pure coffee enjoyment.

Sometimes details change everything. Just like on the Melitta® epour®, the new milestone in coffee preparation. From the rotating 360° water outlet to the innovative pre-brewing function – every technical refinement is designed to perfect the enjoyment of filter coffee.

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Designed for perfect taste.

It has seldom been more wonderful to focus on the essentials than today. And never has it tasted better. The ritual of Pour Over coffee. The unfolding aromas. Every sip. With Melitta® AMANO, you celebrate these moments. The sophisticated design and perfectly engineered functionality, brew to perfection.

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Pour Over pleasure.

Melitta® EPOS® is the first automatic Pour Over system with integrated grinder that brews coffee as if by hand. It proves that quality and innovation go hand in hand.

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Perfect coffee filter for perfect coffee.

Melitta Bentz invented the coffee filter and Pour Over in 1908 – and we have continued to develop and perfect it, to date. The special paper formula and density of the pores in this special filter have been harmonised in such a way that the full aroma of the freshly ground beans is extracted during brewing. You'll taste the difference.

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Melitta® Homestories

More time for me

Nora from Designtales talks about taking regular time off from working, morning coffee rituals and minimalist design.

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Coffee breaks for creative ideas

Laura of Designtales talks about her afternoon coffee breaks and the similarities of Melitta Amano and her analog camera.

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Experience Pour Over live – from the aroma of freshly ground coffee to the ritual of pouring to the moment you take your first sip. The Store Finder shows you the specialist retailers near you.

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